How Do You Know You’re One in a Million?

The autoinflammatory diseases, aka periodic fever syndromes, collectively are rare diseases. Some, such as CANDLE, DIRA, and DADA2 are amongst the rarest of the rare, with only a few known cases around the world. Most all autoinflammatory diseases are caused … Continue reading

Be a Rare Disease Day & Autoinflammatory Disease Advocate!

Every year, the last day of February is Rare Disease Day. Most years, this day lands on February 28th, and in rare years like 2016, February 29th marks Rare Disease Day. We encourage everyone who is affected by a rare … Continue reading

You Can Make a Difference for Autoinflammatory Diseases

As we reach the end of the year, and are looking forward to 2015, we would like to thank all of you that have donated, and shown your support for the Autoinflammatory Alliance. So many have helped us this year … Continue reading