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As we reach the end of the year, and are looking forward to 2015, we would like to thank all of you that have donated, and shown your support for the Autoinflammatory Alliance. So many have helped us this year as volunteers, donors, given in-kind donations and other support. If you have not yet made a donation to our organization, please consider supporting us today.

Here are a few highlights from our 2014 efforts for autoinflammatory diseases:

Your funds and volunteer efforts supported patient picnics across the United States that helped many with autoinflammatory diseases to connect with others with these conditions in person (for the first time for many patients).

We were able to do outreach and education to thousands of doctors at medical conferences, and in presentations for rare diseases on a local, state and national level for Rare Disease Day. A few of our board members have been very involved in advocacy for our patient community, and have worked with national efforts for rare diseases.


Mailing educational materials, such as our Comparative Chart of Autoinflammatory Diseases, disease info cards, and our “Healthier Ever After” injection tips book and program has helped hundreds of patients and doctors to know more about these diseases. We appreciate every donation that is made to help offset these expenses.

This blog launched for Rare Disease day,and has helped us to reach more people looking online for help for their condition, in addition to the thousands that find our website and other online materials. Many doctors are the Comparative Chart to study these diseases, and train other doctors. Getting doctors to consider autoinflammatory diseases has led to more diagnosed and treated patients.

We have been able to help thousands of patients in our online communities, and by email or phone to educate, empower and encourage them with their efforts to get a diagnosis and care for their autoinflammatory disease. Many have gotten diagnosed and onto treatment thanks to our help.

At this time, it seems that every charity is asking for your support for their annual giving programs. Our organization could use this support too. There are many ways to get involved, or make your donation go even farther.

6 Easy Ways to Help Autoinflammatory Diseases Awareness, and the Autoinflammatory Alliance Throughout the Year

1. Help increase awareness for autoinflammatory diseases by sharing a blog post on facebook, twitter or in an email with information from this blog, or from our website. Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter too! Many of our events, advocacy efforts and new findings in autoinflammatory disease research are posted on our Facebook page weekly.

2. Make a plan to raise awareness in your community, or school for Rare Disease Day on February 28th to help others know more about these rare diseases. We have a number of resources that you can request to use to inform others about these diseases. You can use Rare Disease Day as an opportunity to also do a fundraiser to support our organization, or other rare disease charities.

Teddy Bear w/ logo shirt

3. Buy a t-shirt or other items (like this cute teddy bear in our logo t shirt) from our Cafepress shop to use for Rare Disease Day, or to raise awareness throughout the year. We only receive a few dollars per item sold, to make access to having these awareness items less costly.

4. Shopping online or locally can bring in more funds for our organization with every purchase, with no added cost to you! Shop Amazon Smile or escrip shopping mall and all your purchases will benefit the Autoinflammatory Alliance.

Autoinflammatory Alliance

Escrip Group ID: 500043177 (still under the name NOMID Alliance). Escrip allows you to choose a few charities or schools to support, so adding our org to your list will help greatly wherever you shop with escrip online or in your community.

5. Make a donation to the Autoinflammatory Alliance through a matching gift program at your work, and every dollar that you donate will go even farther! We are a tax-exempt non-profit public charity in the US, so all donations are tax-deductible. Our IRS EIN is 20-4915307 and you can download our Autoinflammatory Alliance IRS determination letter here.

We have worked with a number of matching gift programs, including JP Morgan Chase Community Giving, Novartis Cybergrants, United Way, and many others.  Please contact us. We would be happy to apply for any matching gift program

6.  If you are a seller on ebay, you can choose to donate a portion (or even all) of your ebay sales to the Autoinflammatory Alliance through ebay Giving Works.

Thank you!


The Autoinflammatory Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those with autoinflammatory diseases.

Donate now to help with awareness, education, and research for these rare diseases.

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