Other Resources

FDA MedWatch

At FDA MedWatch you can find safety information on medications or report serious adverse effects of medications or other human medical products. If you or a family member has had a serious reaction to any human medical product, such as a medication or supplement, you are encouraged to report the incident here.

504 School Accommodations Tips and Resources

School 504 Plans for Kids with Periodic Fever Syndromes

These resources below come from arthritis organizations. Since many with autoinflammatory conditions have arthritis as a symptom, these tips are helpful for them as well.

Sample 504 Plan Accommodations

Arthritis Foundation 504 Plan Resources

National Patient Travel Center

The National Patient Travel Center provides information and resources for long-distant travel to medical appointments and care.

Patient Advocate Foundation

This foundation provides help with access to care through several programs. These programs include Co-pay Relief and Case Management that can help with insurance appeals.

My Family Health Portrait

This tool lets you create a family health history. You enter each family member, such as brother, sister, or mom and known health conditions. The tool then diagrams your family’s health history. This is a great tool to take to your doctor to understand your own health risks in general based on family history, but also for diagnosis and tracking a genetic condition through the family tree.

Free Blog Sites

These sites let you set up free blogs to keep family and friends up to date when a loved one is facing a health crisis.



Health Insurance Help

Creaky Joints” Kantor & Kantor Insurance Matters

For anyone having issues with insurance or disability filing, this part of the Creaky Joints blog is full of good information, and these lawyers are available to give free advice. Another reason to love Creaky Joints!