Where to Start

New to systemic autoinflammatory (aka periodic fever) diseases?

There are over 40 known systemic autoinflammatory diseases (SAIDs).

Here are some posts and videos to help get you started learning more these syndromes and information on what to discuss with your doctor if you think you or your child has symptoms of a SAID.

what is periodic fever syndrome

What is a Periodic Fever Syndrome? – Learn the basics of symptoms, prognosis, and steps to getting a diagnosis.

My Child, or I Keep Getting Fevers. What Do I Do? – Here are the steps to take if you or your child is having recurrent fevers without explanation. All of the information and resources here are intended to be shared with your doctors.

Symptom Logs – Keeping a symptom log is vital to help get a diagnosis, guide testing, and to manage treatment. Learn here what a doctor needs to see in a symptom log and examples of symptoms logs to use.

Best Thermometers – Thermometers recommended by patients and parents dealing with periodic fever syndromes.

fever syndrome genetic testingDiagnostic Tools for Autoinflammatory Diseases – Genetic testing and other helpful resources for periodic fever syndromes.

Free Online Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases Database – A database of most known SAIDS that can be searched by symptoms, labs, and other noted disease characteristics.

Autoinflammatory vs Autoimmune: What is the Difference? – This goes into detail about what is happening systemically in patients with autoinflammatory diseases.