Limited Edition Star Ornament–Donate Today to Get One!

autoinflammatory fundraisingThese shatterproof gold star ornaments are ready to ship out to all our 2014 supporters that donated at least $25 this year.  But if you make a donation right away, we can get you one for the holidays. They have a custom logo in burgundy red that says “Shine On! You’re One in a Million” on them.  One in a Million is the odds of having a spontaneous genetic mutation that can cause a number of autoinflammatory diseases, and is also our way to recognize the amazing and unique supporters of the Autoinflammatory Alliance. 

We have a limited supply, but there are some extras available to send to anyone that wants to make a suggested donation of at least $6.00 per ornament for US orders, or a minimum of $10.00 per ornament for Canada or other international orders. This minimum donation will cover our out-of-pocket costs for production, packaging and shipping, so if you are able to donate a bit more, it would be greatly appreciated and support our efforts.

Please donate through this paypal link below, and specify in the message how many your are ordering, and also if there are additional addresses to ship them to if you are ordering more than one ornament as a gift.  If you have any questions, please email us at   Paypal is the best way to donate and we can process your request quickly, especially for international orders.  We will start shipping these ornaments out by December 19th.

A special thanks to all our donors and everyone that has been involved this year with our organization. From donating funds, time, services or doing fundraising, and more, you all have been amazing. Shine on! Thank you.

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About Karen Durrant RN

I am a Registered Nurse, President and Founder of the Autoinflammatory Alliance (formerly NOMID Alliance) and parent of three boys–one of whom has an autoinflammatory disease. It is my passion to help increase awareness about autoinflammatory diseases, and empower patients and medical professionals with information, materials and support to help them navigate the complex and challenging path towards diagnosis, and treatment of these rare diseases. In 2006, I founded The NOMID Alliance (now known as Autoinflammatory Alliance) to help increase awareness and improved care and treatments for patients with CAPS and other autoinflammatory diseases. It was the first, and only organization for all autoinflammatory diseases in the United States at the time. Our mission has always been to help patients of all ages with any of these diseases, and we have continued and refined our efforts with our recent name change to the Autoinflammatory Alliance. To help educate and increase more awareness, I co-authored the CAPS medical guidebook that was first published in English in 2008, and small comparative disease chart, and the 2012 version in English and Spanish. I am one of the main authors of the first Comparative Chart of Systemic Autoinflammatory Diseases that was was released with the poster presentation with a published abstract at the Autoinflammation 2013 ISSAID Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland. In addition, I have developed and edited our website since 2006, this blog (along with Jennifer Tousseau), and wallet-sized disease information cards for patients on various autoinflammatory diseases. I have worked in pediatrics for most of my nursing career, from emergency/trauma to research and instructing student nurses in various pediatric units in hospitals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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