Normal Body Temperature and the Periodic Fever Syndromes

For over 100 years, 98.6 degrees F (or 37 degrees C) has been accepted as the standard for a normal body temp. This became the standard after a German physician, Dr. Carl Wunderlich, recorded auxiliary (armpit) temperatures from about 25,000 … Continue reading

What is the Most Accurate Way to Take a Temperature?

When dealing with recurring fevers in children or adults, it’s not uncommon to become concerned with what is the best way to take a temperature. Different methods of taking a temperature will produce different average readings. However, several methods that … Continue reading

What is the Best Thermometer for Fever Syndromes?

With most any of the fever syndromes, you need a good thermometer, or two in case you misplace one. These ear, temporal, and oral thermometers are some of the most recommended by patients and parents dealing with auotinflammatory diseases. Best … Continue reading