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periodic fever syndromes school ukSchool 504 Plans for Kids with Periodic Fever Syndromes

In the United States, kids with chronic illnesses can get a 504 plan with the school that provides accommodations and modifications to meet the needs of a student with ongoing illness or other medical concerns. Learn what a 504 is, how to ask for one, ideas for what to put into a 504, and more in this post. Click here to read more.

TRAPS disease info cardEducational Resources to Help Family, Friends, and Teachers Understand Autoinflammatory Diseases

This is a list of articles, videos, and more that you can used to help educate your child’s teachers, the school nurse,  and other school staff about periodic fevers syndromes. Click here to read more.

504 Plans for Kids with Periodic Fever SyndromesSupporting Children with Periodic Fever Syndromes at Schools in the U.K.

This gives detailed information on Individual Healthcare Plans in U.K. schools and how to work with the school system to ensure your child’s schooling needs are met. Click here to read more

chornic illness perfect attendance awards“Perfect” Attendance–Stigmatizing Kids with Chronic Illnesses

It’s common practice for schools to reward kids who never miss a day of school. But this practice alienates and discriminates against kids who have serious health issues that prevent them from attending school regularly. It also encourages kids to come to school sick which leads to the spread of diseases and more missed school. Click here to read more.

Homeschooling Chronically Ill Children Facebook Group

A helpful group to connect with other homeschooling families who face the challenges of a chronic illness affecting learning.

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