Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C), COVID-19, and Autoinflammatory Diseases in Children

As news has grown about the hyperinflammation syndrome happening in some children possibly connected with COVID-19, we know many parents of kids with periodic fever syndromes are concerned. Originally reports came out that this syndrome was similar to Kawasaki Disease, … Continue reading

Impact of Familial Mediterranean Fever, MKD/HIDS, and TRAPS on Patients and Families

This 2016 study looked at how familial Mediterarrean fever (FMF), hyperimmunoglobulinemia D with periodic fever syndrome (HIDS), and tumor necrosis factor-associated periodic fever syndrome (TRAPS) affects patients’ lives and their family’s lives. We invited a sample of patients with these … Continue reading

Periodic Fever Syndrome in…Dogs? Your Four-Legged Best Friend Could Have a Rare Autoinflammatory Disease

Look at that face! Wrinkles, lots and lots of wrinkles and they couldn’t be cuter! The Shar-Pei dog breed was originally bred as a general working farm dog. The wrinkles allowed the dog to defend itself from attack because the … Continue reading