What Does Our Logo Symbolize?

autoinflammatory alliance logoWhen we first decided to have a new logo for the our organization, we were not sure what would best represent us, and our patient community.

First off, we did not want to represent rashes, which are some of the most obvious, and outwards symptoms that are present in autoinflammatory diseases.

We spent a few months looking at images related to these diseases, from chromosomes to inflammasomes. We actually created a collection of images for the process, that are now on our pinterest page.

The logo colors were inspired by feedback from patients with these diseases, and the red shape in the logo represents an inflammasome, an essential part of the innate immune system. Many autoinflammatory diseases involve the inflammasome. Certain proteins in cells are activated to assemble into an inflammasome, leading this component to produce pro-inflammatory cytokines.

To others, this red “inflammasome” in the logo could represent the “fire within” that could be the fevers, pain and inflammation from autoinflammatory diseases, but also the power and energy of the informed, and empowered patient that is activated to make a difference for themselves, and others with these diseases.

The shape also is made of interconnected “a’s” to make this inflammsome shape, symbolizing the alliance of patients, and our organization with others that help patients with autoinflammatory, or other rare diseases. Thanks Nathan Durrant, Secretary & board member (Art Director at Elixir Design) for designing this logo.

The Autoinflammatory Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping those with autoinflammatory diseases.

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