How This Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Got This Rare Disease Family Traveling Again

The following was written by Janine Vasquez, mom and wife to a variant CAPS (cryopyrin associated periodic syndromes) crew. Most parents look forward to the day their child no longer has to use a stroller or need a diaper bag … Continue reading

This is Baby Olivia’s Story – The 4th Person in the World with a Newly Discovered Autoinflammatory Disease

The following was written by Jill DiStefano, Olivia’s mom. Olivia was the 4th person diagnosed with NLRC4 macrophage activation-like syndrome (NLRC4-MAS), a type of periodic fever syndrome. This is Olivia’s story and how we came to find out about her … Continue reading

High IgD in Periodic Fever Syndromes

In 1984, Dr. Jos van der Meer published a study describing a newly recognized periodic fever syndrome. All six  patients in this study had similar symptoms of periodic fevers with other inflammatory symptoms. They also all had elevated immunoglobulin D. … Continue reading