“Perfect” Attendance Programs Stigmatize Kids with Chronic Illnesses

Many schools in many communities in the U.S. and around the world reward students who have perfect attendance. They may win a simple certificate during an assembly or much bigger prizes, such as a computer, bikes, trips to Disneyland, iPads, … Continue reading

School 504 Plans for Kids with Periodic Fever Syndromes

Here you will find general information about 504 plans and specific information and tips for enacting a 504 plan for children with autoinflammatory diseases, often referred to as periodic fever syndromes. Click here to download a PDF of this post. … Continue reading

Educational Resources to Help Family, Friends, and Teachers Understand Autoinflammatory Diseases

Educating others about the autoinflammatory condition you and/or your child have to live with greatly helps others understand you and allows them to better help you. These are some good articles, videos, and other resources that can be shared with … Continue reading