The Pain of Autoinflammatory Diseases: Children and Adults Tell Us What a Flare Feels Like

 Pain. Hurt. Fire. Needles. Burning. Knives. Those are the words used by children and adults who have a systemic autoinflammatory disease (SAID). From diseases with sporadic attacks of inflammation, such as PFAPA, to the more chronic and damaging autoinflammatory diseases … Continue reading

Autoinflammatory vs. Autoimmune: What is the Difference?

The periodic fever syndromes fall into the autoinflammatory disease category. These conditions include familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), cryopyrin associated periodic syndrome (CAPS), hyperimmunoglobulinemia D syndrome (HIDS), TNF receptor-associated periodic  syndrome (TRAPS), and several other chronic diseases that have recurring fevers … Continue reading