Caroling for Cures 2014-Thanks to All Who Participated!

autoinflammatory caroling for curesWe greatly enjoyed seeing all the carolers in 2014 bringing holiday cheer to family, friends, and neighbors, while at the same time raising awareness for autoinflammatory diseases and donations for the Autoinflammatory Alliance.

Thank you everyone who joined Caroling for Cures! Here are some of the videos of Caroling for Cures:

Autoinflammatory Alliance board member Colleen Paduani’s kids and their family and friends caroled door to door for over 2.5 hours on a chilly December night. Their neighborhood community Facebook paged announced the coming carolers a few days ahead of time. Colleen said, “Folks were so touched and happy to see an old tradition brought back that some were moved to tears.” In addition, these sweet carolers raised over $200 for the Autoinflammatory Alliance. Thank you!


For some with periodic fever syndromes, the cold can be a trigger for symptoms. However, this didn’t stop the Quintos and Vasquez families. They took a creative approach and performed their Caroling for Cures carols inside and online. Through their Facebook pages and Youtube, they raised awareness for the diseases they live with and donations for the Autoinflammatory Alliance. Thank you!

Thanks so much to all that have created such fun and unique ways to support the Autoinflammatory Alliance! We really appreciate it, and it has helped to raise awareness for autoinflammatory diseases,  in addition to much needed funds for our non-profit organization.

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