How Do You Know You’re One in a Million?

The autoinflammatory diseases, aka periodic fever syndromes, collectively are rare diseases. Some, such as CANDLE, DIRA, and DADA2 are amongst the rarest of the rare, with only a few known cases around the world. Most all autoinflammatory diseases are caused … Continue reading

Like Our Autoinflammatory Chart? You’ll Love What’s Coming Soon!

  UPDATE: The Autoinflammatory Search online database is now live! Click here to see it. Our Comparative Chart of Autoinflammatory Diseases has been available in print and online for a year, and has become a leading reference and educational tool … Continue reading

List of General Autoinflammatory/Periodic Fever Syndrome Studies and References

This is a collection of research and information on various autoinflammatory diseases. Each one covers multiple fever syndromes in one article, which is helpful to use to compare symptoms seen in a patient to symptoms seen in each of these … Continue reading