Looking for a Community Service Project? Raise Awareness and Donations for Autoinflammatory Diseases!

rp_Picture-19-300x232.pngThrough the “How Hot Are You?” social media challenge, middle and high school students and college students can help raise awareness and money for periodic fever syndromes.

About Autoinflammatory Diseases

Autoinflammatory diseases, also known as periodic fever syndromes, are rare diseases that have recurrent flares of inflammatory symptoms that can include fevers, rash, joint swelling, mouth ulcers, and other symptoms. In some, the chronic inflammation can lead to kidney disease, hearing loss, and other serious complications. Because these are such rare diseases, many doctors are not familiar with them, making getting a diagnosis difficult. It’s also hard to get funding for such rare diseases.

The Challenge

The idea of the challenge was to do something that reflects the recurring, periodic fevers that can be quite high in many autoinflammatory diseases, and the other painful inflammatory symptoms. So for the challenge, people take their temperature and then donate that amount in dollars, or they eat a spicy food after taking their temperature and donate in small change to the Autoinflammatory Alliance. Donations go towards our education, awareness, and research fund efforts.

Click here for a PDF of printable signs you can use for the challenge.

How Can You Help?

We are looking for students to produce creative and informative videos that get the community involved for the “How Hot Are You?” challenge. For projects that meet these criteria and make us laugh, educate us, help raise donations, or overall just wow us, we will provide letters or documentation for completion of school required community service projects.

Some Ideas to Get Started:

  • Make a creative educational video about fever syndromes that includes the challenge.
  • Organize a group challenge like a firehouse, scouts, church group, sports team, etc.
  • Ask for sponsorships for you to do the challenge.

Added Bonus!

All videos that meet the criteria will get feature on SAIDSupport.org, on the Autoinflammatory Alliance Facebook page, and tweeted. The top three community projects, as voted on by the board of the Autoinflammatory Alliance, will receive special recognition, and an award! Projects completed by December 1, 2014 will be considered for this extra recognition. We will be judging all entries that are submitted to us by the deadline on enthusiasm, creativity, the number of people in the challenge, community or school involvement, and awareness for autoinflammatory diseases.  Have fun, and make it unique!  Prizes will be announced at a later date, but will include a plaque or award item to recognize the winners, and some fun, special items for all that are involved in the winning challenge.  This is open to anyone worldwide.

How to Submit Your Project

For more info and to submit your community service project, contact us here. Please include information about the group, such as the name of the school, teacher or advisor and their contact information for the project, and the number of students involved in your email to us. If you have made your video, please upload to YouTube and send us a link in your email to us so you will be recognized for your efforts.

See how the “How Hot Are You?” Challenge works in this video:


Disclaimer: This is a voluntary challenge. Anyone that is invited to take the challenge has a choice to accept it, or not with no repercussions.  Participants in the challenge assume all risk and responsibility for any and all consequences that may arise when doing this challenge.  Children that want to do the challenge are encouraged not to use any sauce or foods that are too spicy, and must choose, by their own free will to participate in the challenge. Thank you.

The Autoinflammatory Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping those with autoinflammatory diseases. Your donation with this challenge will support our research fund and awareness efforts. 90% of online donations go directly to the research fund and awareness effort.

We hope that you get involved, share this blog post and video, and get your friends and family to take the challenge! Donations are also welcome anytime, at any amount–every bit counts.

Donate now to help with awareness, education, and research for these rare diseases.

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